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July 10, 2013


Sebby is getting there! His lung CT scan showed a few nodules more than previously, but they could also mean he has been laying in bed too much. His cautious doctor decided to do a procedure to make sure no virus, bacteria or fungi were present in his lungs; Sebastian’s lungs took a bath. The water was syringed back out and sent to the lab for testing. To date, all tests have come back negative. But not all are back; some take longer to grow. We are hoping they will all be clear. His Host vs. Graft Disease (HvGD) is responding to treatment and his bilirubin level went from 20 to 4.6. That is in the high, normal range (1-5 is normal). Yay! But he still has some hurdles. His platelets are stable now, but his hemoglobin is still battling it out on the inside. As a result, he is still receiving transfusions regularly. But no more platelets! That’s progress. And eating is going to help his liver a lot. Now that his Mucousitis is gone, he has started to eat again. Today his dr. started a medicine to stimulate his appetite. Hopefully, it will not conflict with his liver.  We can’t wait to spoil him with his favorite foods. His taste buds have to be reawakened; food isn’t that appealing as a result. Here’s to enjoying his mother’s amazing spinach salad with tortellini soon!

On another note, along with many wonderful folks, Cowtown Skateboards has been an incredible support to Sebastian and our family. For the month of July, they are having weekly drawings for awesome goodie bags. The first week’s winner has been randomly chosen and the next week is already in full swing. A variety of items will be gifted, including terrific skate prize packs and even some fine art coming soon. Donating any amount to Sebastian’s crowd-sourced fundraiser automatically enters one in the weekly drawing. The next name will be chosen out of this current week’s donors. Here is the link if you would like to help and be entered in the drawing:  Our family would like to thank everyone who has helped with the extreme expenses; we really appreciate your support! It is wonderful to not only have the help of our community, but to be able to see Sebastian receive so much love. It helps! Thank you! Cowtown Skateboards, you are awesomeness in action!

June 19, 2013

Day +27

Sebastian has been leaping each hurdle as it comes at him. His white blood cell counts are remaining stable. His body is healing now that the white blood cells are available. The doctors seem pleased, but say he has a long way to go. Lately, he has felt up to moving around more.

The skate community has really shone in supporting him! Sebastain asked me to thank so many for the support and gifts. A great organization, Above Coping at sent Sebastian a beautiful skateboard complete with grip tape, lugs, wheels, trucks and etc.! And it was his size! They are a great nonprofit organization doing a great service for kids with serious illnesses.

Andrew Cannon, Billy Davenport, Mike Franklin, , Derek Fukuhara stopped in before heading out for the World Industries’ Long Hard Summer Tour. The nurse made them wear blue gloves and  coats, lol. It was a fun visit and Sebby felt good enough to stand up for a pic (see below). You may notice the cool shirt Sebby has on. It was a gift along with a few others from the awesome folks at DLXSF. Thank you; Sebastian really likes them! These gifts have really broken up a long, hard month of tough days. Some days, it is such a refreshing highlight from many medical processes.

One day, three gifts came in at the same time. Above Coping’s gift came at the same time as our friend Michael Matthew Woodlee sent over a cool skate shirt and skateboard with custom art made by another friend. I’m not sure who enjoyed the gifts more: Sebastian recieving the gifts, or us watching Sebastian.

AND…..  our friends at Cowtown have launched a support campaign in  tandem with their ten year anniversary. Here is their word on it: ” Our friend Sebastian James is battling Leukemia in the hospital and can’t make it to any Go Skateboarding Day events.  Sebastian is an 18 year old skateboarder who has recently had a Bone Marrow Transplant and is on his way to recovery.  To help him and his family with his insane medical bills, for the month of July Cowtown is going to pick a weekly winner from the donors to receive a package of skate goods. You can Donate Here

Here is more on his inspiring story
Please spread the word.”
Cowtown has been incredibly supportive of Sebastian and his family. They are kind and generous people. If you would like to help them with promo products for their weekly drawing, please contact or mail skate goods to:
Cowtown Skateboards
Attn: GSD
215 W. University Dr.
Tempe AZ 85281
The donate page on this blog also goes to the same fundly account.
We are so grateful for all of your support, each and every one! It really helps!