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December 22, 2013

Day +214

Recently my brother-in-law returned a piece of art he had purchased at a fund raiser for Sebby. I made the piece and he wants it back. He is living in a fifth wheel and has no room. Soon he will buy another house and have room for the piece. In the meantime, I have it in my kitchen. Does that qualify as regifting? I don’t know. I am enjoying my piece for the duration.

A new friend named Paul Deraval recently contacted me through the blog. He wanted to gift his signed Tony Hawk skateboard to someone and decided upon gifting it to Sebby. When it arrived, I realized it was not only beautiful, but in like new condition. Sebby loved it. He also loved the encouraging, hand-written letter Paul attached to the board. Regifting is getting pretty cool around here.

Yesterday I witnessed a beautiful form of regifting. My daughter Chantel and I attended a 5K run to support a young man named Nick Floyd who is fighting Osteosarcoma. Nick’s mother invited us along with several other families with young men battling various forms of cancer. A huge community of support turned out for the event. There were around 450 runners. Brothers ran on behalf of their brother in the hospital. Nick’s brother came in first. They ran with their hearts wide open. A 1K followed for anyone who wanted to walk or take children for a little run. Towards the end of it, the DJ invited everyone to show support to a young man finishing the run. His name is Owen and is an inspirational preteen. He has had his hip, femur and (I believe) shin replaced due to Osteosarcoma. As he returned from his first time to participate since recovery, we lined the walkway, applauding. It was one of the most incredible moments I have ever witnessed. I was not the only one crying from the beauty of this young warrior’s determination. I will never forget the look of resolve on his face. I feel honored to have been there. I was definitely gifted by Owen.

After the run and raffle, Nick’s mother, Tracy asked us to stay close. She surprised us by having us join her in the staging area. Nick was not able to be there, nor was Sebby or another young man, Mario. So we were joined on stage by Mario’s parents and a young man named Jeremy who is also a warrior battling Osteosarcoma. His grace and dignity was impressive the entire day. Tracy introduced us to “Nick’s Army,” the many friends, neighbors and colleagues that were gathered in support of Nick. It was impressive. Nick was with us via Skype and an ipad. Tracy shared a story about Jeremy gifting his own fund raising event money to Nick. She followed by gifting each family on stage with the proceeds from Nick’s fund raiser. So Jeremy was regifted. The most socially acceptable form of regifting ever! The Floyd family still needs to continue fund raising to keep up with Nick’s medical needs. But for this fund raiser, they decided to share with other families who are on similar journeys. I am humbled by their generosity and kindness of spirit.

After the event, we wanted to share their love with Sebby, who was at home due to a broken hip. He had recently fallen due to severe leg cramping and had to have a few pins put in. So his movement is restricted for six weeks minimum. His mother was moved to tears at the kindness of Nick’s Army and parents. Sebby’s comment? “That’s tight.” And it is.

I am attaching two links. One is Tracy’s gifting. The other is a nice recap of the entire event.

Happy Holidays from our family to each and every one of you!