Shred it Forward

Sebastian James passed peacefully on February 14, 2014. He finished his earthly life as he lived all his days – a valiant, yet kind warrior.

In  honor of Sebby’s kindness, we would like to encourage his legacy of kindness. Please share your stories of compassion, kindness and love toward others on this blog. We have the privilege of living each day not only with awareness and presence but also the ability to be the change we want to see in the world. Random acts of compassion are a way to shred it forward to someone who may be experiencing challenges in their life. Sometimes, buying a cup of coffee for a stranger or sharing your place in line with someone who is ill can make a big difference in a day and indeed, a life.

We would like to thank the Skateboarding community for supporting Sebastian through his journey. Your acts of kindness toward Sebastian have inspired us to encourage others on their journey. Your heartfelt acts of leaving Sebastian positive thoughts inspired us to help keep his spirit alive.

Here is what you can do: Start thinking about acts of compassion and kindness, especially those compassionate acts that are anonymous. Many of you already do this on a daily basis. Please share your stories on the blog. We will be checking daily to do the administrative approvals!

Please visit  this blog in the very near future to download your template of The Sebastian James Project cards.

Thank you skateboarding community and THANK YOU SEBASTIAN!

The family of Sebastian (Sebby) Elijah James


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