Our Warrior Valentine Forever

Sebastian fought very hard for a very long time. He was admitted into the hospital a few weeks ago for increased levels of CMV (cytomegalovirus) in his body. He seemed to be responding well to treatment and was slated to go home in a few days. Overnight, he began losing the ability to oxygenate on his own and rapidly progressed from oxygen-assisted breathing in the evening to the need for intervention by morning. His father had spent the night with him. My husband and I, along with his mother joined him in the morning. We hoped it was for a few days until the doctors could figure out and treat whatever the problem was. Unfortunately, the test results showed extensive scar tissue in the alveoli of the lung, which was inhibiting his oxygen exchange. The damage is a result of chemotherapy, CMV and graft vs. host disease. The combination was just too much for his body to continue. He began to fail rapidly and his parents were faced with some very hard decisions in a very short period of time. His close friends and family were able to say goodbye. He was able to hear them although he was a bit groggy from pain medication and could not speak due to the ventilator. His little sister was able to come visit and make handprints together with him (with the assistance of a child life specialist). His great grandparents travelled from the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona arrived later in the evening to also say goodbye. After everyone had shared their love with him, the breathing tube – which he hated and wanted out – was removed. Sebastian was able to pass peacefully and surrounded by those who loved him dearly. Some of his favorite music was playing softly in the background as we wished him safe passage, told him we loved him and held him in our hands and arms. The look of peace on his body after he passed was remarkable and one I will never forget. He is absolutely at peace now. Our warrior was as brave as any gladiator ever known. We have been honored to have him in our lives for 18 years. His life had some hard times, but it was also filled with great moments as well. We will be sharing some of our favorites at a celebration of his life on Feb. 21st from 6:00 – 9:30 p.m. at The Boojum Tree in North Phoenix.


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