East Valley Tribune Article about Sebby

It is funny what things start to infiltrate memory. I have this script running in my head today:


There are ten round windows in the pharmacy department.


It takes three paper towels to dry your hands in the public restrooms.


Much of the art at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is made from a child’s perspective.


The view from the seventh floor waiting area is amazing on a clear day. Camelback Mountain is always patiently.


Sebastian’s nurse today is so kind and thoughtful. PCH is lucky to have her.


America’s Funniest Home Videos has great animal clips. A bear just stole a fisherman’s catch from under his nose.


The surgical mask is incredibly hot and uncomfortable.


Sebastian’s new shoes from DC are looking pretty fly on him. DC, you rock! Thank you for the gifts!

Vegetarians that avoid french fries and onion rings should be given a meritous category all their own.


Sebastian would probably be fading away about now without the transplant. GAH! Harsh to think about.


On a better note, the article published today in the East Valley Tribune does well to give a call for more donors in addition to creating awareness for pregnant moms. The umbilical cord (rich in stem cells) can be donated at the time of birth. A simple form at the time of admission is all it takes. Many moms are never made aware of the option. As the article explains, stem cells are particularly helpful for reducing complications. It is a shame that so many umbilical cords are unknowingly and unnecessarily discarded.


Here is the link to the East Valley Tribune to learn a bit more:






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