Day +22

Sebastian has been very busy between day +18 and now. The night of day +18 was very uncomfortable and worrisome. When the doctors came in the following morning, his white blood cell count had flourished! It was a great moment to witness the ecstasy on everyone’s faces. There is a formula used to count new and mature white blood cells; it is called an ANC count. Overnight, Sebastian’s ANC count had grown from forty to over four thousand! No wonder his legs and back were hurting. The empty marrow was being filled with new white blood cells, and lots of them. This means the stem cells are doing their job. We are so thrilled. Today his count is about the same, which is good considering he no longer is getting shots to stimulate growth. The pain has also subsided significantly.

Sebastian still has many hurdles to cross before he can come home. He needs to produce red blood cells and platelets. They take a little longer to develop. He is still battling intestinal concerns. We should know more after a G. I. specialist visits. It is comforting to witness firsthand how intelligent and experienced his doctors and nurses are when something is an unknown. Hopefully, Sebastian will be on top of this soon.

I am getting anxious to see him whiz by me on a skateboard!


One Comment to “Day +22”

  1. Ollie, 360’s, Kick flips and much much more!!!!

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