Day +18

Today I have been thinking about the luxury of memory. Already, I have accumulated many snapshot images of my time at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH). Sebastian has been surrounded with excellent health care by amazing doctors and nurses. If how we treat our children is a comment on our culture at large, PCH is doing its part. So are the parents of ill children I walk among. Some are too preoccupied and worried to smile. Others are too busy bending in prayer from a seventh story window at sunset (kind of facing east), or tending a two year old who doesn’t feel well enough to do anything but be cranky and cry.

There are others who push buttons, open doors, sterilize elevators. One particularly thoughtful person offers tea when late night fatigue sets in.  Some nurses wear headlamps or carry small flashlights so their sleeping patients can rest between machine beeps. If a crisis is not happening, some even time the many medicine signals in order to arrive silently before the alarms go off! That includes making sure everything has arrived in a timely fashion from the lab.

I am happy to keep in my memory friends who have sent gifts and financial help, brought food and cheer to the waiting rooms and helped with so any number of endless things. A new friend, Sharon, sent a beautiful bracelet with pearls graduating in size until the final, large, luminous and perfect end piece. A note explaining her inspiration for how the design reveals life’s interruptions and rebuilding says it all. Although Sebastian may never wear it, he loved the concept. Each time we look at this lovely piece, it serves as a pleasant reminder to continue building the body back to health.

Building is what this has been about. Staying healthy with zero immunity is a constant vigil for Sebastian and family. He has been through an extremely tough time. I honestly do not know if other transplants are this difficult. I hope not for the sake of those needing them. What I do know is that a day comes when the body chooses whether or not to accept the transplant. We will not know that for a little bit longer, but I am happy to share the new progress. Yesterday, on day +17, Sebastian’s white blood cell count rose from 0.1 to 1. Today it is 1.6! We are so excited to finally see things start to move in a positive direction for him!

Above: The IV pole at night.


One Comment to “Day +18”

  1. Amazing news! We are all so happy to hear a positive update!!!

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