Meet Frank

This is Frank, a beta fish. He has his challenges: he did not ask to be born into captivity; he did not choose his home (although it is  a stylish modern one); he did not have a vote in the terrain his home sits upon. But Frank is a warrior; betas are fighting fish. At one point, Frank lived in a neglected tank. His oxygen levels were threatened. Frank decided to skooch to the bottom of the tank, far from the noxious bubbling surface. Curling his tail and fins around him, Frank waited  for relief. He came up as necessary, returning quickly to his survival mode.

When a tank is as fermented as Frank’s, it takes a while to get the water pristine. A little of the rank water stays and mingles with the fresh, making the mix cleaner, but not the cleanest. Frank had a plan though. He came up for food, expending energy when necessary. If someone rounded a corner suddenly, he jumped and swam a rapid circuit until he felt safe. The rest of the time, Frank free floated in a head up, tail down energy conserving position. At the end of several water changes, Frank was freely swimming circles in clean water in the uppermost level. He looked magnificent, tail unfurled, undulating fins. He owns that fishbowl!

Sebastian reminds me of Frank. Like Frank, he is a warrior engaged in conflict. And like Frank, he rests between battles to conserve his strength. Today is day +11. He has won eleven battles in this war. He is very close to winning!



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