Living In the Eye of the Storm

Sebastian is fighting like a champ! Today is day +7. Yesterday he had a small round of chemo to keep rejection to a minimum. He has one more tiny round on day 11 and that’s the end of chemo for him. Yay! Between now and engraftment, Sebastian is contending with mucousitis, which is ulceration of all mucousal tissues lining his digestive tract. It hurts and bleeds a bit. He is not able to say much or eat, but he is ploughing through some long days like a true hero. I am so proud of him.

It is hard to watch someone in pain. We am grateful there are meds to help deal with the discomfort. Sometimes it is easier to see a person than to hear about it.  Now that I am at the hospital, I am more comfortable with his challenge. He is dealing with it, which makes all the difference.


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