Day +1


The day of the transplant is called day zero. Yesterday was day +1. Sebastian is working very hard to get his body in the best place possible in order to help the stem cells find their way into his bone marrow. He has cellurlar damage that needs to heal. His body has recieved something foreign that it must now learn to accept. He had a small round of chemo today in order to keep his body from rejecting the transplant. It should take from two to three weeks before we know whether the new stem cells have found their way to his bone marrow; some of us are guessing what day engraftment will be finalized. Please join us in encouraging him by adding your guess to the great sites hosting his information, such as DLX Distribution and Cowtown, #goodlucksebastian. We are so thrilled by the support that continues to pour in. Each challenging day is matched with  encouraging support for him. It means so much. Here is an example from today:

Thanks you Anthony Shetler and!

And Sebastian was the pic of the day for love, hope, strength today:Photo: Pic of day - Sebastian's receiving his stem cells as we speak. Send him some Love Hope Strength and repost! #goodlucksebastian #getonthelist #lhsf

He also received another great visit from Laura and Trent Martin at Cowtown as well as Bobby Green from Pyramid Country. They brought along skateboarders Andrew Cannon and another friend. And of course, his family just happens to be there and also  get to meet these awesome folks who have opened their arms and hearts to him. Perks!

We were very touched by the outpouring of help for his family at We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

All of this support has created a lot of buzz on behalf of becoming a bone marrow donor. It is so encouraging to see people contacting Be The Match in order to save lives. Being at Phoenix Children’s Hospital regularly for two years has provided me an opportunity to meet other families and learn their stories. Some children have been waiting for a donor match. A young man I met last week has been waiting for four years. Another two and a half year old has been waiting since she was ten months old. She has a disease called MDS, which is basically failure of the marrow to produce blood. The registry at sends a caller a kit with a cotton swab  and a form to fill out. All one has to do is swab their inner cheek and mail it in. If a match is made, the registry gets in touch for background information and  further screening to make sure a donor is healthy and no hidden diseases lurk anywhere. If all goes well, it is a visit to have some marrow removed, usually from the hip. It is a quick thing and totally worth it in my opinion. Just consider where Sebastian would be without his donor. Sebastian’s donor is a 9/10 match. The ideal match is 10/10, meaning the protiens on the stem cell’s surface match all ten criteria. But there was no 10/10 match available. He will have some side effects as a result and will need long-term medical care. Some nationalities have huge gaps in the donor registry. If you have a Native American or African American background, you are so needed! But other nationalities are needed too. The little girl I mentioned above is white with no match. So please consider joining.


Another thing to considering is weighing in with your opinion regarding stem cell research in America. Obviously, I am an advocate. More to come in future posts . . .


3 Comments to “Day +1”

  1. Very nice update Mom. Chantel

  2. Wonderful update sweetie! It’s so nice to be able to be kept up to date even though I’m far away, I love and miss you all. Much love to Sebastian from Tio Gordo.

  3. Sebastian, it’s hard to believe someone as rad as you got caught up in something like this, but the whole skate community, not to mention everyone at Union is pulling for you to recover quickly! I didn’t believe the news when I heard, but thankfully you are on the road to wellness and hopefully soon you are out there grinding again! The Gnarnians are backing you 200% man!

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