Birthday #3; The Transplant!

Sebastian’s transplant went great today! He was bouyed up from all the love that came pouring in from around the world. He’s recovering right now and so happy that his days of harsh chemo are over. He’s being monitored very carefully by an amazing staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. A video will be posted soon, pending his approval.

His battle continues. It will take three weeks to know weather the transplant is successful. He will have many physical challenges during this time, but the doctors have meds standing by. His spirits are good and he’s able to check the many postings on sites that are supporting him. He will have a lengthy hospital stay and side effects. When he comes home, he will have an intense, extended recovery time with many outpatient visits. His immune is at zero right now, but will build as his body accepts the transplant in the coming weeks.

Our family is so grateful to the skating community as well as friends and family who continue to love and amaze us. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. We are also keeping the donor close to our heart. Without his stem cells, Sebastian would not have been able to have his transplant. Below is a link to be the match where anyone can join and save a life. We are using the promo code: Sebastian 2013 to invite anyone who would to join the registry in Sebastian’s honor.

Many are asking how they can help with medical expenses. Below is a link to fundly, a crowd-sourced fundraising site. No amount is too small.

Thank you so much for your love and help


2 Comments to “Birthday #3; The Transplant!”

  1. Amazing update we are and have been sending positive vibes and prayers. His stregnth is unmeasurable… love you all

  2. It is heartwarming to see folks coming alongside Sebastian. Thank you Cherie for writing some hard things to say. What brave parents and Grandparents Sebastian has. His aunties care so much that watching them in action as they support and love on him is beautiful. Bless you all for your Prayers and donations.

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