Thank You Cowtown and Pyramid Country!


CowtownWith the transplant looming , the last couple of days have been filled with challenges; Sebastian has been walking with anxiety, fear, vomiting, showers every six hours, lots of wake ups for vitals and medical sensors making annoying noises 24/7. Sunday and Monday have been full of a heavy duty chemo as well as the beginning of immunosuppressant drugs. Sebastian turned eighteen and had to face decisions that his parents had previously made for him. Even the sagest of adults would have had to mentally wrangle some of the questions he has had to answer in a short amount of time. In my opinion, he made good, logical choices. But it was still a harsh round. That’s why I was so thrilled when the owners of Cowtown decided to stop in this afternoon. Hearing about his situation, owners Laura and Trent Martin arranged their schedule to come visit immediately. They also arranged to bring along Bobby Green, owner of Go Green Valet and  Pyramid Country, as well as skaters Aric Blattner and Issesadi . Sebastian had just quit vomiting when they arrived this afternoon bringing gifts and awesome words of encouragement. Sebastian was very visibly touched with gratitude by their kindness. They presented him with a skateboard displaying, “You Got This” sprawled among many skater’s signatures. How nice is that? Sebastian ran to the bathroom as soon as they left; he had obviously been fighting down nausea during the visit. But as soon as he came back to bed, he looked directly at the skateboard – a visible representation of the selfless acts of strangers who cared enough to put themselves out there on his behalf. Cowtown and Pyramid Country, you could not have chosen a better time to visit. We are very honored to now call you our friends.

Friends have asked how they can help. Below is  link to Paypal. Sebastian’s grandmother Cherie (me) is accepting donations on behalf of Sebastian and his family. Paypal is free and easy to set up and use. The link below goes to a page where anyone can send a gift to as well as leave a personal note to Sebastian. Sebastian Mom has used all her time off in order to be with him as much as possible. However, the insurance is through her place of employment, so she must keep working part time even though her heart is at the hospital full time. Bone Marrow Transplants range from $500,00 to $1M! That does not include the last two years of chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsies and over twenty lumbar punctures Sebastian has already endured. Dad is consequently being Mr. Mom and working less too. We asking for help with transplant-related expenses so that Sebastian’s parents can be with him as much as possible during his lengthy stay. Sebastian will be in the hospital for months to come. The doctors want at least one of his parents has to be with him at all time. Thank you so much for your help!    Click the transfer tab, go to send someone money and enter the email as

Thank you so much!


One Comment to “Thank You Cowtown and Pyramid Country!”

  1. Sebastian I am thinking of you often. Your strength and courage are inspiring. I remember your wonderful spirit and big smile as a little boy we called “Chuco.” Stay strong and know that so many are thinking of you and praying for you recovery.

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