Birthday #2

IMG2112Sebastian’s birthday landed on day three of radiation. After round two at Good Samaritan Hospital, a nurse waited with a wrapped gift for him as he was leaving. Another handed him a few lollipops. I decided to make the count eighteen in honor of his birthday. While the nurse and paramedics looked on with shock, I emptied the basket and began counting how many were resting on him as he rested on the gurney. When I said twelve, another nurse quickly went into the office, returning with six more and a baggie.

Back at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Sebastian rested in a window seat momentarily before getting on the exercise bike in his room. He has consistently shown determination in the face of hardship. We had not been looking forward to this day; it was a pleasant surprise to see it go more smoothly than it might have. It was also a pleasant surprise when Jennifer, the Child Life Specialist came in to decorate his room. Soon the entire staff were singing Happy Birthday to him. An hour later, his friends and family trickled in. His Auntie Chantel brought eighteen balloons and eighteen goofy gifts from the dollar store. His cousin Dara brought his great grandmother to visit. The chef sent up two chocolate mousse cakes. I bet I could come up with a minimum of eighteen awesome surprises if I had counted them.


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