Ms. Curie Would be Surprised

482496_578962855461256_1895223575_nMarie Curie comes to mind today; this is day one of three intensive, full-body radiation treatments. Because Sebastian has ALL Leukemia, the boundary to his cerebral-spinal fluid was crossed, the radiation is necessary. It is harsh. Sebastian goes by ambulance twice a day. Today started at 6:30. It’s a good day for sending him (and his parents) positive thoughts, vibes and messages. He is being incredibly brave. This beautiful young man just walked through red coals lurking in the lower most level of an abyss. He is not an angel, but it smells like singed wings to me.


One Comment to “Ms. Curie Would be Surprised”

  1. Awoke with thoughts of Sebastian and his battles filling my mind. Lighting incense and sending thoughts of strength and light. Be strong Sebastian . . . remember … “ninja focus”!.

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